Strategic Focus

We concentrate our proactive efforts on four strategic focus areas...

Embody human rights by engaging in sustained trusting relationships with Indigenous communities that are built on dignity and respect, and by working to advance reconciliation and substantive equality.

Justice system: 
Enforce human rights and reduce systemic discrimination by seeking accountability in the justice system.

Advance the field of human rights law by making clear how systemic discrimination causes and sustains poverty, and addressing poverty within a human rights framework.


Promote & strengthen human rights culture that encompasses both rights & responsibilities, with a special focus on educating children &youth addressing systemic discrimination in our educational system.


Approach to Planning:

This Strategic Plan provides the framework for 1999 – 2020. It lays out our proactive areas of focus over the past years. It is geared toward achieving results and creating an environment that encourages and supports a commitment to human rights accountability in our community.

This Strategic Plan allows for developing, each year, a focused list of valid, necessary and measurable actions that advance the Human Rights Council towards results.

Internally, it provides the basis for more detailed operational plans to make sure that all organizational activities connect to results.