NAME:     The Organization shall be HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL (Registered under 986/99)

REGISTERED OFFICE:     The Registered office of the Council for the time being shall be situated at Ramnagar, Visakhapatnam.

AREA OF OPERATION:      The area of operation of the “Human Rights Council” shall extend to the whole of India and in particular the State or Andhra Pradesh.

DEFINITIONS:        Unless the context otherwise requires:-
a) “Human Rights” means the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution or embodied in the international covenants and enforceable by Courts in India.
b) “Council” means Human Rights Council constituted under Act XXI of 1860 Societies Act.
c) “Member” Means and include “Life Member” who has enrolled himself/herself as such with the Human Rights Council and who is of the age of 21 years in the case of a female.

a) To work for the spread of the knowledge of Human Rights among the public especially among the youth, women and tribal.
b) To work in furtherance of the various International Conventions relating to Human Rights especially.
   i. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948,
   ii. European Convention of Human Rights, 1950,
   iii. European Social Charter, 1961,
   iv. American Convention on Human Rights 1969
   v. African Charter on Human Rights and Peoples Rights 1981,
   vi. Helsinki Declaration 1975,
   vii. Geneva “Red Cross” Convention 1949

c) To work in unison with likeminded organization in the field of protection of Human Rights.
d) To take-up issues relating to the violation of Human Rights with the NHRC, New Delhi and the State Human Rights Commission
e) To hold Seminars, Meetings, Convention etc., to spread awareness among the public relating to Human Rights.
f) To establish a library to acquire books, periodicals etc., for the same and to publish a Bulletin at such intervals as may be required.

g) To acquired a building of it’ s own
h) To impart training to those having genuine interest in the field or Human Rights.

FUNDS:        Funds may be raised by the following means:
(a) Subscription
(b) Donations, Grants and Subsidies
Provided that funds may also be raised in any other legal and legitimate
manner to meet expenditure required for other purpose or relating to the affairs and working of the Human Rights Council

MEMBERSHIP:     Every person of the age of 21 in the case of a male or a female of the age of 18 years shall be eligible to become a member of the Human Rights Council subject to the decision of the Managing Committee of the Human Rights Council and its decision shall be final Provided that the age limit may be relaxed by the managing Committee in the case of College going students both male and female.

A member shall cease to be a member of the “Human Rights Council” if he/ she commits default in the payment of the subscription for two consecutive months. He / She shall also cease to be a member of the Human Rights Council if he/ she does not attend two consecutive functions of the Human Rights Council.

GENERAL BODY:     The General Body Meeting of the Human Rights Council shall be held at least once in a year. A Special General Body may be held as and when it is necessary to do so. A special General Body Meeting may be called for Suo Motto by the president by giving at least 7 days clear notice.
The president shall call for a special general body meeting if required to do so in written by 2/3rd's or the eligible members of the Human Rights Council on the date of serving such notice on the Secretary of the Human Rights Council Notice of 15 clear days shall be given to the Members of ordinary Annual General Body Meeting

MANAGING COMMITTEE:   The Managing Committee shall consist in the State the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Organizing Secretary Treasurer and 5 Executive members. The Committee shall deal with the affairs of the Human Rights Council meeting at least once in fifteen days at such place as it may decide.



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